Welcome to Knowsley MyView
To make changes to your address, bank details or other personal details, select 'My Personal Details' after login. Please note that you will be unable to make any changes when the warning 'Employee is being paid for the current pay period' is displayed. For further support, contact HR Business Unit, email hrbusinessunits@knowsley.gov.uk, tel 0151 443 2960

Teachers' Pension Scheme
Teachers who contribute to the Teachers' Pension Scheme MUST register for 'My Pension Online' www.teacherspensions.co.uk/forms/registration to update personal details, view Benefit Statements, nominate beneficiaries, explore benefits etc.

Merseyside Pension Fund
Employees who contribute to Merseyside Pension Fund can now login to MyPension and view their Active Members' Annual Statement(s). https://mpfmembers.org.uk/content/active-members-annual-benefit-statements